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At Captain Cooks Casino, you can play classic casino games like blackjack, Roulette and Caribbean Poker. Now you can play your first hour with $500 Free and NO RISK to your personal funds! You keep whatever you win! And you can still claim the sign up bonus of $50 free even if you don't win.

Captain Cooks Casino boosts 220 interactive games and includes an instant play no download required version.

Highest Payouts
Casino Classic 95.27%
Blackjack Ballroom 98.16%
Virtual City 94.52%
Zodiac Casino 97.32%
Yukon Gold Casino 96.49%
Phoenician Casino 96.31%
Players Palace 97.18%
Casino Share 97.18%

Highest Bonuses
Strike It Lucky $20 FREE
Golden Tiger $250 FREE
Lucky Emperor $100 FREE
Captain Cooks $50 FREE
Casino Kingdom $77 FREE
Aztec Riches Up to $850 FREE
Slots Plus Casino $500 FREE
Aladdins Gold Casino 200% Bonuses

Casino and Poker Room Reviews

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Gambling not the Answer to State Government Pigheaded Greed

Gambling, both from on site in person brick and mortar casinos and from online casinos, has long been eyes with drooling mouths by the greedy pigs of government who are always looking, like a crack addict, for any source that can feed its insatiable appetite. Many state and federal governments have tried to use gambling as a panacea that will solve all of their budgetary problems.

David Gest Blows Fortune and Life on Slots

There stories are plentiful of big time athletes and celebrities who are loaded with seemingly endless bankrolls that end up losing control and blowing their fortunes on out of control gambling. Another sad and pathetic story has come to the forefront with the news that showbiz promoter David Gest blew his fortune on slots gaming and then took himself out as a result.

Technology is the Future for Online Gambling

Online casino gambling is obviously built on the foundation of cutting edge technology as there could not be online gambling without it. That being said, while world class technology is an obvious necessity the future bodes well for even more as technology is the key that will unlock more spectacular and unimaginable games in the years ahead.

New Jersey Eases Online Casino Gambling Border Regulations

Although you will have to be within the state borders of New Jersey to be able to gamble with the state’s online casino gambling website access will be far easier than it was at the start of the venture. New Jersey state online casino gaming officials and the online casino executives have joined together to ease the parameters of the geolocation services that are employed to ensure that gamblers playing at the state of New Jersey online casino gambling websites are actually within the borders of the state of New Jersey.

Virginia Takes a Look at Legalization of More Online Gambling

Daily fantasy sports has proven to be a classic case of an industry that sneaks up on and laps the field as just now are governments and the online gambling industry itself waking up to an industry that is worth billions of dollars with unlimited growth potential.

The State of Virginia has taken notice, however, and is considering legislation that will legalize daily fantasy sports. A subcommittee in the Virginia State House approved a bill that would make Virginia the first state in the union that would regulate and legalize daily fantasy sports.

Artificial Intelligence Yet to Beat the House of Online Casino Gambling

Artificial Intelligence has been factor almost from the start of the online casino gambling industry as it was meant to ensure that games are offered and played fairly. Artificial Intelligence has been especially prominent at the online poker tables in the effort to ensure weary card players that their games are being played honestly and without deceptive practices.

Dutch Online Gambling Reform is in Slow Motion

Despite the best of intentions and with a realistic attitude the progress of online casino gambling in Holland has been at a snail’s pace. Laws that are 50 years old are standing the test of time to this day as change has been far more difficult to achieve in Holland than what was originally anticipated.

Online gambling was touted and expected to be rubber stamped into approval as progress was considered a sure thing in what is labeled as one of the most progressive nations in the history of mankind but it has not come to be after all.

New Zealand suffering from Millions of Dollars in Online Gambling Fees

By most standards the nation of New Zealand has by what all accounts is considered to be loose laws when it comes to online gambling and it is now becoming more apparent that New Zealand is being taken advantage of with those laws that are being abused and taken advantage of to such an extent that changes may have to be made in New Zealand law.

Money talks and that fact is making New Zealand wake up to the fact that its loose laws are costing it much needed revenue that is being siphoned off by other countries that have tighter laws on the online casino gambling industry.

RAWA Dead for 2015 as Online Casinos and Gamblers Move Past It

The Sheldon Adelson backed Restoration of America’s Wire Act has been a hot topic for online casino gamblers and it will remain so for years to come despite the fact that it is dead for the year 2015. The bill proposed a United States federal ban on all forms of online gambling with the exception of fantasy sports and horse racing. There was hoped that the RAWA bill would be able to be slipped through the highly controversial omnibus spending bill that House Speaker Paul Ryan sold out to President Barack Obama on but it was not to be.

Las Vegas Review Journal Plays Chicken with Casino Boss Adelson

Since the revelation that Casino Resort magnate and billionaire Sheldon Adelson was the mystery owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal the newspaper staff has gone out of its way to defy their boss and make it clear that they will not be his personal steno pool. Adelson is a long time bankroller for prominent Republicans such as Presidential candidate Marco Rubio and is also a longtime proponent for the nation of Israel.