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Adelson’s Money Not Enough to Curb Online Gambling

The goal for Las Vegas Sands Corporation chairman Sheldon Adelson is to ban all forms of online gambling in the United States. He has spent millions of dollars trying to convince leaders in the United States Senate and House to take up his cause. While his money has slowed down online gambling in the United States to some extent, he has not stopped it.

Online Gambling in U.S. States Not Meeting Expectations

The prospect of online gambling doing well in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware was good when each of those states approved legal online gambling many months ago but so far the results have been disappointing.

Australia Online Gamblers Continue to Increase

More Aussies are wagering online all the time and according to a recent report, that will continue this year. Aussies are expected to wager billions of dollars on casino games, horse races and sporting events this year.

One of the biggest reasons that Australians are wagering more money than ever online is mobile devices. Aussies are using their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to wager at online gambling sites. One of the largest Australian gambling firms said recently that almost half of their bets come from online customers.

Online vs. Offline Casinos

It wasn’t that long ago that when it came to gambling you only had one choice and that was at a local casino. Those days are gone as online casinos have overtaken offline casinos in terms of action, convenience, value, etc. Let’s look at online and offline casinos.

Congress May Grow to Love Online Gambling

The United States government has an insatiable appetite for money and although they did much harm to the online gaming industry in 2006 and 2007 with their absurd interference of money transfers to and from the United States the real men of genius in congress now have a new interest, if not newfound respect, for online casino gambling because of the potential tax dollars that it could bring to the government coffers.

Sweden Gambling Market is regulated but shrinking as Nevada Looks at Poker

Sweden’s regulated gaming market shrank 3% in the first six months of 2014 which has continued a four year trend of a slide in gaming activity and revenue. There is talk that Sweden may liberalize licensing and take less of a protectionist stance in order to jump start that sector of the economy and an industry that is uber competitive with unlimited options for players.Meanwhile AG Burnett of the Nevada Gaming Control Board discussed Nevada’s agreement with the state of Delaware to legalize interstate online gambling and has also reached out to New Jersey on the project.

Delaware Ahead and Behind with Online Gaming

The state of Delaware looked to be ahead of the curve with its progressive decision to use Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway as vehicles for online gambling in order to increase revenue to the state. Combining horse tracks with online casino gambling was considered to be an innovative revenue producing solution that was potentially going to be a model for other states to follow. So far the results have been mixed as revenue has fallen short of what was anticipated just as what was the case in the state of New Jersey.

Online Gambling News and Notes

Online gambling has experienced mixed results as far as traffic and revenue as competition is fierce as the world economy remains rather sluggish. And now with states such as Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey either involved in online gambling and or planning to expand its presence there will continue to be a diluted market and fierce competition that will make for the ultimate consumer driven market with plenty of bonuses and incentives being offered to online gamblers.

Online Gambling Revenues Up Slightly in Delaware

The revenues from online gambling in Delaware have been disappointing overall but the good news is that they are going up. The original estimate for revenue from online gambling in the state was far too optimistic but that was also the case with New Jersey estimates.

Since online gambling began last November in Delaware, the state had brought in about $1.3 million. The original estimate for the fiscal year was about $5 million. Those estimates were way off and now the estimate for fiscal year 2015 is $3.3 million.

Online Gambling Accreditation RG Check - Internet Launches in Canada

Online casinos that are looking for a way to assure proper accreditation can use RG Check-Internet which is an international accreditation program. RG Check-Internet was launched by the Responsible Gaming Council (RGC) which is an adaptation from the RG Check-Venue program. RGC will run the program in Canada while internationally the program will be run by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.