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Portugal Prepares to Regulate and Tax Online Gambling

Portugal is expected to regulate and tax online gambling in the very near future. The Portuguese Council of Ministers approved the draft of a bill that would regulate and tax online gambling in Portugal.

If the bill goes through as expected, Portugal will be taxing gross gaming revenues at a high rate. They are expected to put a gaming tax on online poker which would range from 15% to 30% while sports betting would have a rate of 37.5%.

Online Gambling Numbers in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada Disappoint

New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have legalized online gambling but the revenues from those three states have been disappointing. "Clearly, the results so far have not met our expectations." said New Jersey Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff. New Jersey had projected revenues of $180 million by fiscal 2014 but those projections were way off. At the end of May the state had taken in just $9.3 million in revenue.

New Jersey Online Gambling Continues to Disappoint

It has been about six months now since New Jersey started online gambling and the overall numbers have been disappointing. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie estimated that the state would bring in about $180 million dollars this fiscal year from taxes from online gambling. Those numbers were extremely optimistic and not realistic. The current projections have the state bringing in about $12 million dollars.

Nearly 25% of British Adults Gamble Online

Did you know that almost 25% of adults in the UK gamble online? A recent survey found that 23% of British adults gamble online. The breakdown had it at 28% of men and 18% of women.

The most popular form of gambling in the UK is the National Lottery. That is followed by bingo, horse racing and sports betting. It is also worth noting that more and more of the bettors in the UK are choosing to wager using their mobile device. Whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Android or some other mobile device, people are wagering on the go.

Walmart Getting Into Wire Transfer Business

Walmart has decided to take a big step into the wire transfer business. They already have an agreement with MoneyGram but now they will be unveiling their own service. It will be called "Walmart-2-Walmart." It is going to be marketed to those who want to send wires that are $900 or less.

Variance in Online Casino Games

Have you ever wondered why you get on a big winning streak or a big losing streak when playing games at the online casino? The answer is variance. You just never know what is going to happen. You might win five straight hands in blackjack and then lose the next four. How do you handle online casino variance?

U.S. Online Gambling Estimates Lowered

The U.S. online gambling market is continuing to grow but Morgan Stanley recently lowered their forecast for the United States market. Their original forecast had the United States online gambling market bringing in $5 billion by 2017. That number has been lowered to $3.5 billion. Even with the lower estimates, Morgan Stanley is still optimistic on the future of online gambling in the United States.

Online Gambling Fight in the United States Heating Up

The battle to make online gambling legal in the United States continues to hit speed bumps. The latest is a move by some in Congress to put a federal ban on Internet gambling. A representative from Utah is introducing a bill into the House while a senator from South Carolina has a similar bill coming up in the Senate.

The Best Live Dealer Online Casino Games

When you play online casino games you oftentimes have the option of playing with a live dealer. It is just like playing in a land-based casino as a live dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards. What games are the best ones to play with live dealers at the online casino?

Nevada and Delaware Sign Online Gambling Agreement

There are currently three states that allow online gambling in the United States and two of them, Nevada and Delaware are now working together. The governors of the two states signed the first-ever gambling agreement between states that will allow people in both states to play online poker against each other. "I consider this a landmark intersection in the road of gaming history," Nevada governor Brian Sandoval said.