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Live Dealer Games replace Virtual with Reality

There have been plenty of successful trial and a few failures and errors along the way in the incredible path of success for online gambling and among the most popular of all has been Live Dealer games that replace virtual with reality and give the gamer a true Las Vegas style experience when playing online.

Playtech has been the leader of the industry for its cutting edge technology and gaming developments and has once again proven why it is the most respected and popular company in the industry with its latest contribution to mobile gaming.

Debate Continues on Regulated Online Gambling effect on Brick and Mortar Casinos

The land based brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States have long been adamant opponents of online casino gambling for the obvious reasons that they themselves can obviously see. Once gamblers discover the value, convenience, variety, choice, and incentives of online casinos there is no going back and a trip to Las Vegas becomes far less appealing or practical. That being said the results have proven to be inconclusive about just how much of a negative affect online casino gambling actually has on traditional in person on site brick and mortar casinos.

Adelson Continues Power Play against Online Gambling

Sands Boss Sheldon Adelson has continued his efforts to bully the online casino gambling industry out of business in the United States by wielding his considerable influence as a major donor in the Republican Party. Although there is little appetite for an online gambling ban in Congress Adelson continues to press the issue.

The big question is ultimately how can you really force Americans away from online gambling? The 2006 fiasco with payment methods only ended up creating new and cleverer payment method solutions that helped get Americans back into online betting.

GOP Leaders Look to Shut Down Online Gambling in United States

Despite the many business friendly and economic growth policies of the United States Republican Party one area in which they continue to stumble over themselves is their stance on gambling online. This has been a problem for the Grand Old Party since 2006 when then President George W. Bush and his administration tied up millions of dollars of American Players that they were never able to fully get back when payment method company leaders were harassed and new enforcement measures were taken.

Slow Starts Make for Long Term Gains at the Online Casino

Online casino gambling is much faster paced that what is the case at a traditional on site and in person brick and mortar casino. It is that faster pace that becomes a trap for many new players who make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew. For those who are not careful an online casino can become a big money drain because of that fast pace along with the larger variety of choices that are offered in comparison to a traditional brick and mortar casino.

Online Gambling in the United States is Slowly Improving

There are currently three states in the United States that offer online gambling, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. The early results for online gambling in the United States were poor but things are on the upswing.

New Credit Card Code Could Help U.S. Online Gambling

New Credit Card Code Could Help U.S. Online Gambling

One of the problems for online gamblers in the United States when they play at Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey sites is that it can be tough to make deposits. Bank will sometimes deny credit cards because of the UIGEA. A new code could make it easier for banks and for players who want to deposit at legal U.S. sites.

New Jersey and Delaware Online Gambling Revenues Increase

It was a good month of March for both New Jersey and Delaware in terms of online gambling revenue. Both states had increases over the previous month with New Jersey finally starting to see improved numbers.

Uncertain Fate for RAWA Online Gambling Bill

A House Subcommittee recently heard testimony on H.R. 707, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). The bill would change the current Wire Act and make it so that any bet placed over the Internet would be illegal with a few exceptions. The fate of RAWA looks very murky going forward.

Derby Games Launches Horse Racing App For iOS


Just in time for the summer horse racing season, Derby Games has released their new real money horse race betting app for Apple. The Derby Games app is the first of its kind, and allows players in 37 U.S. states to access the app and place real money bets on horse races.

With the upcoming Triple Crown races in May and June, this app is sure to be a hit with players across the U.S.! Using the Derby Games app you can even bet against your friends and there is an active chat room, which makes for a lively social vibe.