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Two More U.S. States Look to Make Online Gambling Move

2015-01-26 00:00:00

New York state could be next in line to make a change this year and potentially bring online poker to the state. An online poker bill was introduced in early 2014 but alas, there was very little movement as the state was more focused on settling their land based casinos.

Now that New York has completed the process of selecting operators for these new land based casinos, the path is clear to refocus on legislation to approve online poker for state residents. With practically double the population of New Jersey, New York could be poised to become quite the powerhouse and claim the #1 spot for online gambling in the U.S.

Meanwhile, across the country in California, the online gaming battle continues. While the Native American tribes in the state have finally reached an agreement in regards to online poker legislation, no bill has been able to move forward because of strong opposition from California's properous horse racing industry.

All that could change in the new year as California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has already introduced a new online poker bill. It will be the first of it's kind for the new year and the 2015 California legislative session.

It's a race to the finish line. New York or California? We eagerly await good news on both coasts.