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let it ride
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Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, Prepaid ATM
US Dollar

I've only heard good things about this casino until I tried it and needless to say, I wasn't impressed. There is no download. It is all java which is very frustrating to me because I had to have my java upgraded online before I could even play. Their graphics and design were less then inviting but I've heard they pay fast when you win and don't give you much of a hassle about it. They have a casino and a poker room so you have some variety but their bonuses are cheesy to say the least. come on? 30% bonus? I'd highly doubt I'd go through the trouble. The thing is, I'd rather have a casino I can trust who will pay me and on time then a high deposit bonus. Many bonus seekers will just want to go after the higher bonuses but trust me, if you can't get your money out of it if you win, what good is it? They only have 9 slot machines though but plenty of table games and video poker to keep you occupied!

Backed by a toll free number and quick email access, I'd give them a chance even though they don't LOOK like they're going to be any fun. When you win and you want to get paid, you'll be glad you chose them over some other fancy shmancy casino that doesn't want to pay you or takes forever to do it!