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RAWA Bill Discussed in the House of Representatives

2015-03-02 00:00:00

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) is expected to get a hearing in the United States House of Representatives in early March. Sheldon Adelson has been throwing his money at this bill in an attempt to outlaw all forms of online gambling in the United States. Adelson tried to get the bill pushed through in 2014 but it didn’t receive a hearing.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz reintroduced the bill to the House of Representatives earlier this year and it is expected that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham will introduce the bill in the Senate. Whether it will get to the point of a vote is still in question. RAWA seems unlikely to pass even in the Republican controlled House and Senate even if it does come up for a vote. There are many lobbyists on both sides of the issue and even though Adelson has more money than all of them, he has not been able to push the bill through Congress.

Most people who follow the online gambling issue in Congress believe that the hearing in the House for RAWA in March was set simply to pacify Adelson who gives big money to the Republican Party. Getting a bill introduced and actually passing it are two different things and the chances of RAWA actually passing seem remote.