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First of all CS Casino is the same as Intercasino and has all the same games and uses the same software and also has a sister casino called ` Omni Casino`.

They do not have the monthly 100% deposit bonus that Intercasino have which is a slight negative but they do give you 100% match up to $50.00 on your first new user deposit.

They have just released V6.0 of the download software which I actually downloaded to update my 6 month old software and with the new software you can download a small version or large version with all the software in one go.

The layout is different in the lobby to what Intercasino is but similar.

The graphics in all the games is excellent and Blackjack.Video Poker and Solitaire is very nice to play.

They have some loyalty slots which slowly build up a bonus system as you play them and the bonus saves when you leave the game for next time you come back to play which is a plus.Some of the slot games have quite high full line bets which you cannot not lower while others you can lower to as low as .45 cents per spin.I have found that certain slots never play well for me and some others are quite consistant so for anybody new I suggest that you play the games in free mode to test out how long it takes to get freespins and /or bonus features to come up.

The High Jackpot Game Millionaires Club which is one of my favourites and is at this time at over 2.5 million you can lower the bet to .90 cents to play all lines.The Jackpot comes up in the bonus feature which is like the wheel of wealth but has an outer wheel to spin and 2 inner.When you get the bonus feature up and make your first spin you will get the option to spin again.Normally on the second spin you get a better bonus up but sometimes it will bust and give you a consellation prize.If you are super lucky you may just hit the jackpot.

As for play rewards if you wager $6000 plus in one month they will deposit $100 in your account or $150 if you play only slots.

They have a points reward system called `Peak Rewards` and these do build up rather well and you can go in there and transfer the points to your account.100 points = $1.00.

The odd time Nick may send you out a promotion and a code for you to put in to the cashier for a deposit bonus.Over all I do like this casino but I have never manged yet to make any money here but I guess it may happen sometime.

I would reccommend to have a look anyway and Freeplay for a while to test the games out.

NOTE: Cryptologic casinos are no longer accepting US players.