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Desert dollar is one of the many Microgaming supported casinos. It is one of the better ones I've run across though and is a member of the fortune lounge ring of sites. Once you get through the long install period it's worth it. Set up is a snap other than that. A big plus is that the casino can be run in window and full screen mode. Some sites I've played only allow full screen which is somewhat annoying when I'm trying to play and multitask.

Game wise Desert has some good offerings. I tried my luck at the progressive slots with no luck, but they have some large pay outs and a lot of people have won big. It's mostly a slot site, I enjoy the Dinomight ones the best. Sadly they don't offer Spanish 21 and only have a couple versions of black jack. They do have a lot of video poker machines though and the offer keno. I've only really won off the slots here, haven't had too much luck on the tables, but I've had some good slot pay offs.

Depositing and withdrawals are handled easily. I Haven't had much of a problem, though my last withdraw took a little long, but I still got my money so it was all good. They have a fair amount of purchase options, though if your from over seas your out of luck as they only take American and Canadian money. Desert offers a $10 free sign up too, so it's worth the download to try. I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking to play online slots or video poker.