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The Jackpot Alchemist
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US Dollar, Euro, GB Pound

All that glitters isn't gold unless it's the Golden Tiger that is. This is a truly amazing casino hailing from Casino Rewards.

I heard a lot of people say that you can get a longer play time with only a 20.00 deposit and it's very true.

Right now they have a 50% bonus. Meaning if you deposit 250.00 you will get back 250.00 for a total of 500.00 to test ride this wild animal of a casino! Now with that kind of dough you will be going for a lot of playtime and the chances of hitting a jackpot will be quite high! You'll never know unless you try it. Maybe this year I may hit the bundle of gold.

I love Casino Rewards because you bonuses are all linked as one. You don't have to pick a casino to be your primary casino and they have over 10 of them. And every month they have a special promotion running that last from 3 days to a month so keep checking once in a while so you won't miss the excitement.