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Absolute Poker could be known as the home of the perpetual bonus - their bonus offers are so frequent, few players would ever be able to exhaust them. Absolute also supports rake-back, unlike Party. Their bonuses are not especially easy to clear, however, and Absolute has a reputation for tough competition.

Absolute has fewer players than Party or Poker Stars, averaging in the ten to fifteen thousand range. You may not always be able to find the game you want, or have much choice of tables. (Player numbers include play-money tables.)

Many players complain about Absolute software, which is both cluttered and clunky. Recently, however, Absolute has introduced "skins" or alternate user interfaces, that allow players to choose a different look for their tables.

Absolute is a good place if you're looking to make use of bonuses - however, you're very likely to be playing against a lot of other players who are doing the same thing you are.

In my experience, the other players at Absolute are both tight and aggressive - not the people you want to be playing against. However, if you can handle the competition, and you like bonuses, this is the place to go.