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Inter Poker was a place that i played at for quite a while, i was lucky enough to win their weekly $3000 freeroll tournament once about a year ago.

had no problems getting my money, they required that i deposit some money first into my account, since i had not made any deposits at the time i won the tournament, so after i did that, my money was transferred out of my bonus money account and i was able to withdraw it without any problems.

One drawback about Inter Poker is the people who play there, many are rude, and much more swearing is permitted there as opposed to some of the other rooms i've played at, not that it really bothers me, it's just an observation i made while playing there.

Other than that, i have nothing bad to say about them, their customer service was very receptive and answered any inquiries i had in a timely manner, the promotions they offer are good, not sure what they have going on now, but they had a 100% deposit bonus and a $90 free every month promotion going on, as well as the get paid to play offer, where they payed you varying amounts per hour to play, depending on the table limit you choose to play, the higher the limit," the more you would get paid.

Worth checking out.

NOTE: Cryptologic casinos are no longer accepting US players.