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Nevada and Delaware Sign Online Gambling Agreement

2014-03-03 00:00:00

There are currently three states that allow online gambling in the United States and two of them, Nevada and Delaware are now working together. The governors of the two states signed the first-ever gambling agreement between states that will allow people in both states to play online poker against each other. "I consider this a landmark intersection in the road of gaming history," Nevada governor Brian Sandoval said.

The current deal between Nevada and Delaware is limited to poker but there is no question that future deals between states could be made that include other online casino games. The current deal allows players from both Nevada and Delaware to compete for the same pots while playing online poker. It may not be long before the state of New Jersey also wants in on the action as they are the other state that currently allows players in their state to gamble online.

Delaware representative Helene Keeley said that the agreement is "a step in the right direction." Online gambling became legal in Delaware in November and the state continues to move forward on getting more options for residents of their state.

There are currently 10 states in the U.S. that have bills in their legislature regarding online gambling so it may not be long before the number of states that allow online gambling increases from the current number of three.