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I've been playing on Pokerstars continually for the last year and a half or so and I love it. Lots of things play into why it's a great poker site. First I'm not bombarded with emails to my inbox offering some sort of bonus everyday. The player base is great, I never have any problem finding a full table, plus most of the players I've run across are a bit less donkey then other sites so I have a little more success in not getting rivered all of the time.

Pokerstars is known for there tourneys especially the wsop buy in ones, considering two of the people who have won qualifiers have gone on to win the wsop, I think that's pretty darn good, I can always dream! I'm mostly a fan of the sit in go tourneys, they are well put together and there are always a good amount running.

You can play all the other card games too, theres a surprising amount of people playing Omaha every time I've checked, so if that's your thing I'd check it out. I really like the site lay out, it's easy to navigate and really clean looking. Plus in game you can upload a picture into your little player circle which is really cool, I've seen this on bodog but theirs are really tiny and not as nice as on stars.

Deposits and withdrawals are really fast. On average I think I've got my cash outs in about 2 days after making the withdrawal and deposits are instantaneous with neteller. It all makes for a happy experience, I don't think I will stop playing on Pokerstars anytime soon.