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Lady Holdem
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PokerWorld must be a fairly new casino. After signing up with them, I deposited 20 bux, and went off to find a table! Here I am ready to play... and... nothing! There were a few games going on, a lot of limit. As far as NL, just a few full higher stake tables. I finally had to go room hopping to hustle up some people for a low stake no limit game. There were a total of 73 people playing during the time I was there.

After I found a few people to play with things were ok. I am not much for their little slider betting options, but that's just my preference. They have a chop and a straddle option, that was neat I suppose not too many online casinos have those. Then again, I'm not to sure too many people online even know how to use them. There was a guy that had his chop button pushed the whole time I was there. Maybe he just doesn't want to get into a heads up match in the blinds?

Checking out their promo page, I found a weekly bounty game. I have always thought those were kind of fun. SO I might give that a shot! Their deposit and redeposit bonus' is topless 20%. I love topless bonuses, 20% is kind of low though.

There is also a favorite player award, where you can vote for your friends and they win a cool little prize package, and 100 bux. That's pretty original and another fun little contest to entertain us while we wait for a playable hand! Other neat stuff includes player pages, a lot like a profile... and some forums articles etc.

All in all, I lost mah 20 bux! It's a decent casino.. needs some more players. I'm not much for the cheesy buttons easy, but I can deal! Hehe