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Poker World uses Dobrosoft software licensed in Antigua and Barbuda. It is one of 4 online gaming sites owned by Olympic Sports Group which is based in Jamaica. Poker World boasts operating under 3 guiding principles:1 - Poker is a social game and your online experience should accentuate that fact, not hinder it. 2 - PokerWorld is a community and we will provide every possible opportunity for our players to enjoy and enhance our community. 3 - PokerWorld will provide the best customer service in the online poker industry, bar none.In fact, a community where 2 people met online playing their poker games, fell in love and married.Poker World players do not compete with players from other sites. The players you are playing against are actual players from the Poker World community creating their their own environment of poker.They are the only poker room we've seen yet to offer a "straddle" button, which allows you to post 2XBB in the dark. They also offer a 'chop' button which will split the pot with your opponent if he has the same button selected. Coming soon to their community, PokerWorld will take social interaction to a new a level with their exclusive video table option offering you the ability to show your poker face to the rest of the world.PokerWorld has recently unveiled The Topless Bonus - The Shape of Things to Come. Now, every time you make a new deposit with PokerWorld (minimum $20), they will "top up" your account with a FREE 20% BONUS. PokerWorld offers 50% up to $100 on first deposit with a King for a day/Jack for a day promotion. If you are the big winner on selected tables during any specific day, you can win the King for a day/Jack for a day prize of up to $175.Poker World's includes depositing methods such asBank Wire Transfer, Citadel, Express Money Transfer, Fedex Checks, Firepay, MasterCard, Neteller and Visa.Poker World also hosts seven freeroll tournaments every day. The Freerolls start at 4PM EST and continues at the top of every hour until 10PM EST.If for some reason you run into problems, PokerWorld offers 24/7 hour live chat support, along with e mail and toll free telephone support. You can even write them through snail mail. The site still has a small community of players, but if you play in the mornings, their skill level is fairly high. The afternoon players seem to have more fish, so the odds are more in your favor in winning more often in the afternoon. The lobby is plain while the download and sign up is simple and quick. The gaming arena also does not really stand out while at the same time can be a little confusing. We eventually got used to things after accidentally folding the nuts and raising when we didn't mean to. Poker World is extremely fast paced and it will be up to you if you need to slow things down a bit.We experienced alot of high pocket pairs, not in our favor, in the ring games and not so many of them in tournament play. This is an average site, but if your looking to meet nice people and not have to wait to get into the action, this is a good card room for that.