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Titan Poker is one of the few online poker sites I choose to frequently play on. I like a lot of things about their site, mostly when it comes to tournaments, but it's a really nice site all around. I love titans sit and go tournaments, they range in buy-ins, my favorite are the lower limit winner takes all games. You can win $12 off of $2, really quite good and if you lose its only $2 so it's not all that huge of a deal. You can play everything from 6 person sng's all the way up to 20 people, the more people the bigger the prize.

Titan offers some good 100% deposit bonuses. Once you deposit, depending on the amount, you'll have a certain number of bonus dollars available, to get these you just need to earn titan points by playing raked hands. Once you get enough points the money is released into your account. Not to hard if you play at least .25/.50 tables for a few hours.

Titan also has casino games on the games tab. You can play everything from roulette to black jack, which all have varying limits. Whenever I get down I always go put some money on roulette and hope I get lucky, it's worked out most of the time! I haven't had much luck with the video slots though.

The best part about titan are the free rolls, unlike most sites not everyone is eligible to play, so you don't have to compete against 5000 people. If you deposit you can play in weekly depositors free rolls, they put a token in your account and you use that when you register for it. Also you can use your titan points to register for different tournaments, they have a lot of 100 and 250 point buy in tourneys, usually with around $200 prize pools.

Titan Poker is a really fun poker site, I've made some good friends there and the support is always great. So far I haven't had any problems with deposits or withdrawals, they are usually pretty quick too. Hopefully Titan keeps up the good work and I'll keep on playing with them.

As of October 10. 2006, no US players are being accepted.