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I have been playing on and off at Intercasino now for about 8 months.

They have upgraded their software recently and added more games to the line up.

I good thing about this casino is the 100% match bonus up to $100 that you recieve if you deposit montly.Personally for me I only make a deposit Bi Monthly and to be honest I loose my money quicker here than any other casino that I play at.Perhaps it is just that I play the wrong games although there are not a lot that I have not tried.It is fun sitting in the casino especially in the slots such as the 5 and 9 line versions that have the 3 jackpots showing and the payout that keeps increasing at a very fast speed and then you see one revert back to the start and start spinning up in value quite fast.I have seen the jackpots, mainly the minor ones go off quite often, but it has never been in my favour.They have just recently released 11 new slots and some of them are Rapid Fire Jackpot Slots with others just normal.

I find when playing the slots in here that the feature seems to take a lot of playing the game before it comes up, whether it is just a bonus round. freespin or both as some of the slots have.This casino has been voted the top casino many times and many people say it is the best online casino to play at.

They do have a good range of slots which include a few loyalty slots,jackpot slots and just normal type of slots.Some you can play as low as 1 cent per line with other 5 cents and others higher so there is a variety.

They have 2 real cool scratch card games under the Lottery Section in the software and of course card and table games.For those who have not played here, you can bring up the menu on the left hand side bottom of the software and the window with pop up from where you can select what you wish to pay.

The other option is any games you see in the foyer in the software, you can just click on the game you see and it will load up. providing you have it installed.Also they now have available to play Interbingo,Interpoker and InterLottery which you can download from the main website.

I negative point with this casino is that they do not have near as many payment options

as a lot of online casinos, have on offer.

Recently I recieved in my mail a cd with all the software on it," to save me having to download it.That was quite a surprise and well recieved by me.They also have a comp points system that adds up as you play and you can cash them in when you have enough to do so and they have normally 3 games per week in the tournament section of the casino that you can buy into and play if you choose to.

Personally for me I do know that people have done well playing in this casino and others who use the same software.They do have good support service and do mail out promotions and what is happening in the casino as far as software updates etc.I would be happier if I could actually make my money go a little further when I make a deposit or maybe lucky enough to hit even a minor jackpot sometime in the slots.

NOTE: Cryptologic casinos are no longer accepting US players.