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Intertops sportsbook is above the rest when it comes to laying a wager.

The first time you sign up here you will receive a 20$ bet for free, also on Mondays and a couple other days of the week you receive an extra 10% on all deposits that day.

Intertops offers all types of bets including straight up bets, parlay (two teams up to eight teams), teasers, round robins and multi-sport parlays and round robins. Multi-sport bets mean that you can combine teams from different sports, like parlaying a baseball game with a football game.

At intertops sportsbook you can also fund your casino account at Intertops microgaming Viper casino by transferring your money from your sportsbook account to your casino account or vice versa. You can also transfer money from either one of the accounts above to the Intertops poker room and vice versa.

There is no live help offered at this site, but customer service via phone or email is quick and efficient.

I have collected here many times and usually get paid via my neteller within two days.