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Nearly 25% of British Adults Gamble Online

2014-06-18 00:00:00

Did you know that almost 25% of adults in the UK gamble online? A recent survey found that 23% of British adults gamble online. The breakdown had it at 28% of men and 18% of women.

The most popular form of gambling in the UK is the National Lottery. That is followed by bingo, horse racing and sports betting. It is also worth noting that more and more of the bettors in the UK are choosing to wager using their mobile device. Whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Android or some other mobile device, people are wagering on the go.

The survey of UK gamblers also found that more people would play online using their iPad, Google pad or other pad if they knew they could play at online casinos using those devices. Word of mouth and advertising has made it so that mobile devices are gaining more popularity but most of the press has been for iPhones and Android devices. It seems like the pad has been ignored for the most part. That is expected to change in the future and there should be more mobile users playing games at online casinos using the bigger devices. It sure makes sense as the screens are bigger and the action easier to follow using an iPad instead of an iphone.