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New Jersey Online Gambling Continues to Disappoint

2014-06-03 00:00:00

It has been about six months now since New Jersey started online gambling and the overall numbers have been disappointing. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie estimated that the state would bring in about $180 million dollars this fiscal year from taxes from online gambling. Those numbers were extremely optimistic and not realistic. The current projections have the state bringing in about $12 million dollars.

Online gambling in New Jersey hasn’t taken off as expected but casino gambling in New Jersey overall is down. Online casinos have struggled because banks still are slow to respond in allowing customers to use credit cards for deposits and players can’t always get online and play using mobile devices. And those two issues are not even the biggest problem as New Jersey online gambling sites are simply not as good as those that have been around for many years. Sites in Costa Rica, the Caribbean and even sites in Canada are simply better and easier to use than those in New Jersey. And gamblers have no problem playing at these sites instead of at New Jersey online gambling sites. Another part of the problem for New Jersey is that most of their residents don’t even know that online gambling sites exist in their state.

New Jersey actually had their online gambling revenue decline in April and that decline was a major concern for the state.