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Delaware Ahead and Behind with Online Gaming

2014-09-08 00:00:00

The state of Delaware looked to be ahead of the curve with its progressive decision to use Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway as vehicles for online gambling in order to increase revenue to the state. Combining horse tracks with online casino gambling was considered to be an innovative revenue producing solution that was potentially going to be a model for other states to follow. So far the results have been mixed as revenue has fallen short of what was anticipated just as what was the case in the state of New Jersey. But the sluggish performance has not caused the state to quit on its idea and there are some positives to gambling online with the state of Delaware.

Delaware can boast that if offers an online gaming option that does not require a poker download and also can accommodate MAC users. Such capability allows Delaware access to more segments of players. Many experts believe that the World Series of Poker was a big reason for the poor performance of online poker in Delaware and that once Nevada and Delaware poker players have the ability to play together there will be an increase in revenue.

So far actual revenue has fallen close to three times short of what was projected and surprisingly enough online poker was the biggest disappointment as a performer. Most of the revenue with Delaware has been from casino games rather than poker. If the poker sector does indeed pick up then Delaware may yet succeed and be a model for other states looking for revenue.