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Australia Online Gamblers Continue to Increase

2014-11-04 00:00:00

More Aussies are wagering online all the time and according to a recent report, that will continue this year. Aussies are expected to wager billions of dollars on casino games, horse races and sporting events this year.

One of the biggest reasons that Australians are wagering more money than ever online is mobile devices. Aussies are using their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to wager at online gambling sites. One of the largest Australian gambling firms said recently that almost half of their bets come from online customers.

Not every Australian is a bettor but it sometimes seems that way as Australians are expected to bet $1,200 per person. Obviously, some people are wagering big sums of money while other people don’t bet at all. There was one person who reportedly wagered $2 million dollars on a tennis match this past year.

Australians love their horse racing and rugby betting but that is not all they wager on. Many love to play casino games and wager on all of their favorite games at online casinos. The ability to play games from anywhere is a huge plus in a country like Australia where people travel on a regular basis. That is why mobile gambling has exploded in recent years.

Online gambling continues to explode in popularity around the world and in 2015 there will be more people than ever playing at online casinos, including a lot of Aussies.