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Adelson’s Money Not Enough to Curb Online Gambling

2014-12-02 00:00:00

The goal for Las Vegas Sands Corporation chairman Sheldon Adelson is to ban all forms of online gambling in the United States. He has spent millions of dollars trying to convince leaders in the United States Senate and House to take up his cause. While his money has slowed down online gambling in the United States to some extent, he has not stopped it.

Recently, the United States House of Representatives decided they would not take up a bill known as Restore America’s Wire Act this year. Leaders decided that the bill would face a tough road through the House Judiciary Committee so they decided to wait until next year. The bill would outlaw all forms of Internet gambling including in the three states where it is currently legal, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Adelson has thrown money left and right to anyone who would support his cause including Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate. Despite spending millions, Adelson is losing ground in the fight. Some Republicans have actually come out in favor of online gambling legalization in the United States and some have said that Adelson has motives that relate to protecting his land-based casinos.

Not only does Adelson face opposition from some leaders in the House and Senate, he also faces opposition from individual states that either have current online gambling like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware and others like California, Iowa, and others who are looking to legalize it.