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2013-03-28 00:00:00

ONCHAN, ISLE OF MAN – March 28, 2013 – PokerStars today announced the release of a major new television advertising campaign featuring tennis superstar Rafa Nadal. The television advertisements will air globally in coming weeks, and revolve around Rafa Nadal competing online at PokerStars against a fictional character representing one of their 50 million players.

The campaign captures the essence of poker as a mind sport – a battle of wits that anyone can enter, and where your opponent might be Rafa Nadal, or any of the other sporting superstars that regularly play on PokerStars.

In the thirty-second advertisements, Rafa Nadal, the 11-time tennis grand slam champion, plays against the fictional Lucia Arroyo, who’s previous height of competitive achievement was placing second in a local pillow fight. Nadal plays the tournament on his iPad in the bath at his home. Arroyo plays on a laptop at her local library.

“I play on PokerStars because I love competition – the battle of minds, and that is what this advertisement is all about,” said Rafa Nadal.

Rafa is known globally for his competitive spirit, and this advertising campaign is based on that idea – anyone with a competitive streak can express this in a safe and fun way through playing poker.

“You can’t simply turn up at a tennis tournament and expect to play against Rafa Nadal,” said PokerStars Chief Marketing Officer Alex Payne. “But if you’re over 18 years old you can register to play on PokerStars and have the opportunity to compete against Rafa and other high-profile athletes from the comfort of your own home,”

Payne noted that PokerStars’ position as the largest online poker site gives players great advantages over other sites. “Competitive people play on PokerStars because they know that they can compete in the games they want to play at the times they want to play them,” said Payne. “And now our mobile app allows even more people to play whenever they want, wherever they are.”

To coincide with the advertising campaign, PokerStars is also launching a deposit bonus for new players. Eligible deposits will be rewarded, by PokerStars, with extra funds added to player accounts.

These advertisements were developed in-house by Stars Creative (the PokerStars internal creative agency) and shot by Partizan films in Majorca.Copies of the TV advertisement are now available for viewing online at:

YouTube (Spanish):

YouTube (English):