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Adelson Continues Power Play against Online Gambling

2015-07-15 00:00:00

Sands Boss Sheldon Adelson has continued his efforts to bully the online casino gambling industry out of business in the United States by wielding his considerable influence as a major donor in the Republican Party. Although there is little appetite for an online gambling ban in Congress Adelson continues to press the issue.

The big question is ultimately how can you really force Americans away from online gambling? The 2006 fiasco with payment methods only ended up creating new and cleverer payment method solutions that helped get Americans back into online betting.

The Republican Party has gone hard against online gambling for the past decade and a little reported story is that it has cost them voters that would otherwise be on their side. For a party that preaches economic liberty the efforts to kill off online gambling have infuriated a larger part of their natural base than what gets acknowledged.

The online gambling industry is the most technologically advanced and sophisticated in the world and there will certainly be ways around any laws that are created. Part of the success of the online gambling industry and the related payment method companies are the ways in which they have been able to do end runs around politicians.

For Adelson it is ab obvious effort to help stop the bleeding as Las Vegas is still trying to recover from the 2008-09 recession that did considerable damage to the area and stopped several billion dollar developments.

With the economy still sluggish attempts to shut down online gambling seem to be misguided energy and a blown opportunity.