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Debate Continues on Regulated Online Gambling effect on Brick and Mortar Casinos

2015-08-01 00:00:00

The land based brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States have long been adamant opponents of online casino gambling for the obvious reasons that they themselves can obviously see. Once gamblers discover the value, convenience, variety, choice, and incentives of online casinos there is no going back and a trip to Las Vegas becomes far less appealing or practical. That being said the results have proven to be inconclusive about just how much of a negative affect online casino gambling actually has on traditional in person on site brick and mortar casinos.

A recent survey in fact revealed that the vast majority of gamblers that visit such New Jersey casinos as the Golden Nugget, Borgata, and Caesars have all been internet gambling customers first. This leads into another train of thought that online gambling only serves to entice and encourage a wider proliferation of gambling throughout the world and that both land based and online casinos will benefit as a result.

Brick and Mortar casinos such as the Golden Nugget in New Jersey have in fact has a level of success that is near impossible to ignore and could become a model for other traditional land based casinos.

Atlantic City, New Jersey was written off for dead and while it is not way out of the woods as far as danger or problems the fact remains that online casino gambling is having the opposite affect that was predicted in that it is helping the resurgence of AC casinos.