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Live Dealer Games replace Virtual with Reality

2015-08-15 00:00:00

There have been plenty of successful trial and a few failures and errors along the way in the incredible path of success for online gambling and among the most popular of all has been Live Dealer games that replace virtual with reality and give the gamer a true Las Vegas style experience when playing online.

Playtech has been the leader of the industry for its cutting edge technology and gaming developments and has once again proven why it is the most respected and popular company in the industry with its latest contribution to mobile gaming.

Live Dealer games were rolled out about five years ago and to say that they were an immediate success would be the ultimate disservice and understatement. Live Dealer games have proven to be reflective of the online casino industry itself in that they have enjoyed meteoric growth in their own right.

In those first five years of existence the Live Dealer games were restricted to online PC players only but Playtech has breached the barrier so that mobile ap players can now also enjoy the excitement of Live Dealer action.

Roulette was the first game to be offered on Android devices but that will be followed by further Playtech innovations that will get mobile players access to Live Dealer games for baccarat and blackjack. Players that have smart phones and tablets will then be in business.

Live Dealer games will only continue to grow in popularity and we can expect Playtech to be at the forefront of its marked success.