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Switzerland Prepares to Legalize Online Gambling

2015-11-01 00:00:00

The unstoppable momentum of online gambling has continued with the inevitability of more governments conceding to the inevitability of legalizing it so that they can get their greedy hands into the pot.

A Swiss bill to legalize and regular online gaming was submitted in the middle of October which would allow for Switzerland’s 21 traditional brick and mortar on site casinos to offer online gambling as well as what was termed as low stakes online poker games.

At the present time online gambling has been deemed to be illegal in Switzerland but the real men of genius in the government have found enforcement of the law as impossible. And when you combine the impossibility of enforcement of the law with millions of Swiss Francs being exported off shore you have the recipe for a government getting out of its own way and coming to its senses with the full embrace of reality and the future.

The Swiss brick and mortar casinos have suffered a 30 percent drop in revenue and business thanks in large part to online casino gambling and that has also served as a powerful motivator to change the laws and direct Swiss Francs and gambling business back within the borders.

The Swiss Federation of Casinos is in full support of the measures and says that they are targeting a market that already exists with clients that are already part of their onsite platforms. The brick and mortar casinos also feel punished for their obedience of current obsolete laws.