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Putin Cracks Down on Online Gambling Domains in Russia

2015-11-04 00:00:00

The wild wild west type of economy in Russia is perfectly suited for the expansion of online gambling, so one would think anyway. But as it turns out the online gambling craze that much of the world is caught up in is facing a crackdown in Russia.

Russian online gambling domains located both in the country and abroad are being seized by the federal government and its officials in Moscow. The Russian government has been developing an increasingly well-deserved reputation for cracking down on the laws against online gambling that they have written up in recent years.

As much as a dozen internet gambling websites and sports betting websites were found by the government to be breaking Russian law and its gambling policy. The government crackdown affected many popular gambling websites such as 888poker, Landbrokes, and more. The sites have been blacklisted by Roskomnadzor, the federal agency that oversees the media and internet in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has seen to it that online gambling is illegal everywhere in Russia and on site brick and mortar traditional gambling is strictly restricted and limited to certain areas.

Much like in 2006 when the United States government blocked banks from processing online gambling transactions Putin has done the same in Russia as the government has found that it is nearly impossible to enforce the law which states that Russian citizens are not allowed to gamble online.

Although Putin is cracking down for now there is a belief that gambling online may eventually be legal but under Putin’s control.