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Loose Cannon Brings Traffic Boom to Microgaming

2015-11-18 00:00:00

Microgaming has long been celebrated for their quality slot games that feature the best in innovation and themes that never fail to serve as a huge draw for traffic. Such developments of such games are what have set Microgaming apart as an industry leader for online gambling software. Among the most popular of the slots games themes created by Microgaming the pirate based games ranks as among the most spectacular available.

Loose Cannon has proven to be a major boom for business in a crowded field of highly popular Microgaming offerings that continue to be among the most popular in the online gambling industry.

Loose Cannon was immediately celebrated for its slick design with 3D graphics that are stunning in their dynamic design and entertainment factor. Just the quality of the sound and graphics alone has served to make this Microgaming creation an instant classic that has been among the biggest draws of any slots game that can be found at any online casino.

In the Loose Cannon game the reels are set on a pirate ship and Microgaming adds to the nice aesthetics with a total of 243 ways that you can win feature which also no doubt adds to the draw and appeal. The captain of the pirate ship in Loose Cannon has a very sexy and sultry first mate which also certainly does not hurt the draw.

The biggest payouts in the game are, surprisingly enough, with a loose cannon instead of a treasure chest. Either way, it’s a cannon shot of excitement and fun!