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New Jersey Online Casino Program Falling Short

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Online casino gambling has not been the panacea that would cure the budgetary ills of greedy governments looking to suck more blood wherever it can be found. Online casino gambling in states such as New Jersey was supposed to pave roads and bridges with gold and send every kid to Princeton but it has not turned out that way at all as the reality of stiff competition from multiple gambling outlets has overwhelmed the state and its online casinos.

The question is becoming more apparent about whether or not New Jersey online gambling is in trouble. Online poker has been, in particular, a major disappointment for the state of New Jersey and has been down three percent on the year. While it is not a huge drop it is an indicator that growth has stalled and that there is no real pattern of success or growth that can be counted upon.

Online casinos gambling and iGaming has been sluggish in the United States for the past three years. There have been some alarming drops in revenue at online casino and online poker sites. The fact that New Jersey has the largest population of the three states with online gambling and yet is falling short is a major cause for alarm that has caught the attention of the suits everywhere who were considering heavy investments in the industry.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was a big believer at the start of online gambling in New Jersey but targets are not being met as of yet.