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Las Vegas Review Journal Plays Chicken with Casino Boss Adelson

2016-01-04 00:00:00

Since the revelation that Casino Resort magnate and billionaire Sheldon Adelson was the mystery owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal the newspaper staff has gone out of its way to defy their boss and make it clear that they will not be his personal steno pool. Adelson is a long time bankroller for prominent Republicans such as Presidential candidate Marco Rubio and is also a longtime proponent for the nation of Israel.

Once it was revealed that Adelson was the boss of the Las Vegas Review Journal there were three immediate articles written against him. One of the articles that were written against Adelson implied that the billionaire wanted journalists to shadow three local judges. One of the judges was involved in a wrongful termination suit against Adelson. When Adelson was told that the paper lacked the time and resources for the shadow operation Adelson replied that the paper and its staff were to drop everything and to do as they were ordered.

Adelson has long clashed with the media and journalists who have not been his personal stenographers and who have called into question what they perceived to be his bullying tactics.

Adelson recently met with another controversial figure that has been accused of bullying, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump. Unlike other Republican insiders and big money donors, Adelson promised to support the fellow billionaire Trump should he secure the nomination. Trump is a strong supporter of Israel which appeals to Adelson.