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RAWA Dead for 2015 as Online Casinos and Gamblers Move Past It

2016-01-18 00:00:00

The Sheldon Adelson backed Restoration of America’s Wire Act has been a hot topic for online casino gamblers and it will remain so for years to come despite the fact that it is dead for the year 2015. The bill proposed a United States federal ban on all forms of online gambling with the exception of fantasy sports and horse racing. There was hoped that the RAWA bill would be able to be slipped through the highly controversial omnibus spending bill that House Speaker Paul Ryan sold out to President Barack Obama on but it was not to be.

One aspect of the RAWA bill is an obvious tell on how land based brick and mortar casino resorts such as Adelson’s Venetian feel about online casino gambling websites. The HATE them!

Online casino gambling is hitting Las Vegas and related traditional brick and mortar on site in person casinos very hard as online gamblers have long ago discovered the far better deal they get from online casinos and how they get more bang for the buck with online gambling. Adelson has been screaming and pounding the table for years for a ban without success as his ranting has been seen as the ultimate in crony capitalism.

Adelson will not give up on his dream but it is doubtful that much of anything will be done for 2016 in a Presidential election year. Beyond that it has proven to be difficult in putting the tooth paste back in the tube.