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New Zealand suffering from Millions of Dollars in Online Gambling Fees

2016-02-02 00:00:00

By most standards the nation of New Zealand has by what all accounts is considered to be loose laws when it comes to online gambling and it is now becoming more apparent that New Zealand is being taken advantage of with those laws that are being abused and taken advantage of to such an extent that changes may have to be made in New Zealand law.

Money talks and that fact is making New Zealand wake up to the fact that its loose laws are costing it much needed revenue that is being siphoned off by other countries that have tighter laws on the online casino gambling industry.

New Zealand is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with an ever increasing amount of online gamblers that are very much in the game. Millions of dollars have been estimated to be siphoned off and lost because of laws in New Zealand that simply have too many holes in them to mean anything of any significance.

International companies are making a killing in New Zealand with their online gambling and sports concerns and are basically getting a free ride in New Zealand. As a result attention has been called to this problem as well as the fact that New Zealand is considered to be cash poor because of its relatively small population.

New Zealand has promised to be more aggressive in the enforcement of current laws and will consider other measures to get what they consider in their fair cut.