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Dutch Online Gambling Reform is in Slow Motion

2016-02-16 00:00:00

Despite the best of intentions and with a realistic attitude the progress of online casino gambling in Holland has been at a snail’s pace. Laws that are 50 years old are standing the test of time to this day as change has been far more difficult to achieve in Holland than what was originally anticipated.

Online gambling was touted and expected to be rubber stamped into approval as progress was considered a sure thing in what is labeled as one of the most progressive nations in the history of mankind but it has not come to be after all.

Among the most disappointing aspects of this failure to push forward with progress is the fact that so many foreign operators are lined up and ready to do business in Holland. What was expected to trigger an online gambling revolution has instead been stuck in the muck with no hope in site.

If you are looking for a true guilty culprit in this failure it would have to be good old fashioned politics itself as two ruling coalition political parties in Holland cannot come to terms to make online gambling legalized and unleashed.

What is most alarming now is that the most experienced and prescient Dutch politicians are now saying that online gambling faces a real likelihood of failure.

Holland has a population full of enthusiastic online gamblers which are estimated to total 1.5 million people strong.

The stupidity of politicians is again in full site in Holland as those 1.5 million gamblers are sending revenue out of their homeland.