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Artificial Intelligence Yet to Beat the House of Online Casino Gambling

2016-03-04 00:00:00

Artificial Intelligence has been factor almost from the start of the online casino gambling industry as it was meant to ensure that games are offered and played fairly. Artificial Intelligence has been especially prominent at the online poker tables in the effort to ensure weary card players that their games are being played honestly and without deceptive practices. This is an important factor in fighting off conspiracy theories of players being in communication with each other and rigging poker games which has been rumored to be a possibility since the very inception of online casino gambling. In fact, one of the reasons that online casino gambling has been so successful is that it has been able provide confidence that games are honest and on the up and up.

And although Artificial Intelligence has been able to master the very complicated Chinese game of Go it is yet to be able to master the somewhat less complex game of poker. Ten player games of no limit poker have proven to be a struggle for the research and development teams of Artificial Intelligence. The reason for the difficulty is that while poker certainly has rules those rules can be circumvented by players who bluff, intimidate, or use their wits to bend the rules, legally to be sure, in order to advance their goals.

Artificial Intelligence research and development staffs will now try and develop programs that think like humans in order to crack the great code of poker.