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Virginia Takes a Look at Legalization of More Online Gambling

2016-03-18 00:00:00

Daily fantasy sports has proven to be a classic case of an industry that sneaks up on and laps the field as just now are governments and the online gambling industry itself waking up to an industry that is worth billions of dollars with unlimited growth potential.

The State of Virginia has taken notice, however, and is considering legislation that will legalize daily fantasy sports. A subcommittee in the Virginia State House approved a bill that would make Virginia the first state in the union that would regulate and legalize daily fantasy sports.

The bill is known as the Fantasy Contests Act and could become a peak into the future as it deals with the undeniable reality that state and federal government’s one TRUE principle is unbridled greed and lust for money no matter where it comes from.

In the research that was done for the bill it was learned that over ONE MILLION Virginia residents take part regularly in daily fantasy sports and many of their state representatives are smartly taking the side of their constituents and looking for ways to make daily fantasy sports a winner for all concerned.

Both the State of Virginia House and Senate have bills that could make for quick action and a great example of a government that governs WITH the CONSENT of its constituents instead of against them.

Virginia is also trying to thread the needle to ensure that the bill does not come off as a wink and nod to full-fledged online gambling.