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New Jersey Eases Online Casino Gambling Border Regulations

2016-04-04 00:00:00

Although you will have to be within the state borders of New Jersey to be able to gamble with the state’s online casino gambling website access will be far easier than it was at the start of the venture. New Jersey state online casino gaming officials and the online casino executives have joined together to ease the parameters of the geolocation services that are employed to ensure that gamblers playing at the state of New Jersey online casino gambling websites are actually within the borders of the state of New Jersey.

The latest adjustments are said to be able to create the ability for online gamblers near the state line will be able to have the ability to take part at online gambling with the state of New Jersey websites that offer it.

The latest adjustments are actually nothing radically different than what was envisioned at the start of the enterprises in November. There has long been the belief that creating as much access to New Jersey online gambling and its online casino gambling websites would be advantageous for all involved and that it is better to have that business directed to the state than somewhere else.

It is believed that allowing more flexibility and tolerance in relation to access to the New Jersey sites will dramatically increase the revenue streams to the state. Fitch Ratings recently put together an optimistic projection that revenues should increase to $200 million at New Jersey online casinos with potential growth up to $700 per year.