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David Gest Blows Fortune and Life on Slots

2016-05-02 00:00:00

There stories are plentiful of big time athletes and celebrities who are loaded with seemingly endless bankrolls that end up losing control and blowing their fortunes on out of control gambling. Another sad and pathetic story has come to the forefront with the news that showbiz promoter David Gest blew his fortune on slots gaming and then took himself out as a result.

Gest was once the lucky husband of Liza Minnelli and had an almost immediate addition to slot machines that made him broke for much of his working adult life. Gest was found dead last month in a hotel room in London.

Gest was also a versatile entertainment industry member who was able to forge a second career as a reality TV star in the United Kingdom all the while as he ran up huge gambling debts over the past months. David Gest owned his own company, David Gest LTD, and had debts of $670,000 at the time of his death with a bank account worth $81,000 when he died.

Binge gambling on slots is became the downfall of Gest as he set a match to well over $100,000 over the past year gambling on slots in the past months. He was described as a man that would spend every waking available moment on chasing the big jackpot and would think nothing of blowing $10,000 at a single sitting. There are legendary stories of Gest sitting at a slot machine for 24 hours at a time.