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Gambling not the Answer to State Government Pigheaded Greed

2016-05-16 00:00:00

Gambling, both from on site in person brick and mortar casinos and from online casinos, has long been eyes with drooling mouths by the greedy pigs of government who are always looking, like a crack addict, for any source that can feed its insatiable appetite. Many state and federal governments have tried to use gambling as a panacea that will solve all of their budgetary problems. The success has been mixed at best with some good stories of responsible governments, (a true oxymoron with the emphasis on moron), that have been able to at least close their budgetary gaps a little bit, and other more common governments that have only seen their budgets blow up even more after “betting the come” on gambling to solve their deficit defects. A new study from the respected Rockefeller Institute has shown that gambling may not be the answer that many governments were hoping it would be.

The Rockefeller Institute has plenty of data to go with as gambling has expanded rapidly throughout the United States in numerous states with such new entries as the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Delaware, and Massachusetts have all legalized more gambling over the past year. But the recession of 2008 has continued to be a drag on many industries, including gambling. Another factor has been with the spread of legalized gambling there has been a market that is now saturated with choices for no longer desperate consumers that used to have few if any choices.