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Online Poker Struggle Continues in California

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2017-01-16 00:00:00

The California legislation was unable to legalize and regulate online poker during this years session. Despite their best efforts an agreement on the suitability standard was not possible.

The tribal coalition led by the Pechanga and Agua Caliente tribes were asking for a 10 year ban against Amaya Gaming and PokerStars for previously operating in the state. They wanted online gambling companies who facilitated games for Californians before online poker became legal to be excluded or be required to pay a higher entry fee.

PokerStars and its in-state partners which include the Morongo and San Manuel tribes and the Commerce, Bicycle and Hawaiian Gardens cardrooms feel suitability issues should be left up to the regulators. They were willing to accept a soft 5 year penalty that could be removed with a $20 million payment to the state to support the passage in the Assembly.

The Pechanga tribal coalition admits the rift between the two sides appears unbridgeable and the chances for Amaya being the platform provider for Pechanga seems close to zero.