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Staying Ahead of the Game

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From brick and mortar casinos to gambling at home via computers to playing their favorite casino games on mobile casinos technology has certainly improved things for todays players. Will they continue to adapt as successfully going forward, or will they be unable to keep up with the latest consumer trends?

Data science is expected to provide useful information about players spending habits, browsing activity, social interaction and preferences. This data will allow casinos to offer personalized experiences and design more effective marketing strategies. Data science also enables bookmakers to calculate odds that are more accurate and more realistic.

Artificial intelligence is useful to make the player experience more personal. It can be tailored for each individual user to match their tastes, needs and wants. Artificial intelligence also allows customer service chat bots to become more ‘intelligent’ and give out more accurate and relevant answers.

Virtual reality is considered by many to be the next big thing for the gambling industry. Top developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming have already invested in it and there are already virtual reality casinos in operation. SlotsMillion is the most successful to have launched so far. It’s the first virtual reality/3D casino app that lets you play for real money and offers more than 40 games in a virtual, but highly realistic, casino.

It is expected that this will appeal the 18 to 34-year-olds who have grown up using all types of technology and will readily embrace virtual casinos. The number of players in this age bracket is increasing and it’s likely that many gambling operators will launch virtual reality casinos in an attempt to capitalize on this growing market.