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I decided to try out Amber Coast Casino and found the download to be very quick and the signup process was instant. I received a bonus immediately and in fact receive a bonus every time I play there.I also got greeted by a very friendly person by the name of Andie who was very helpful when I needed to find a certain bonus game I was looking for. I played the Chinese Kitchen Slot which kept me amused for ages. I only deposited $40.00 to start with and believe it or not - I managed to cashout $800.00 ( I got 3 tortoises in a row )- I also got a popup message congratulating me on my win which was nice because there is nothing worse than winning a jackpot when you are alone on the computer late at night , and no one to show it off to! The cashout process was also very quick ( I think it took 2 days if I recall ) What I did like - is that even though I did a deposit via Neteller they were happy to do a payout to my bank account instead of back to Neteller. The only thing I wasn't too happy about is that they deducted the original bonus I received from the payout - so I wrote to the Casino Manager who credited it back to my account. I found the all round experience with them very good and still play every week or so .

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Amber Coast by aussiekeith
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