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Neteller, Firepay, Credit Cards ,ECP , Citadel .Payspark,Use My Bank,Solo and others.
US Dollar, Euro, GB Pound, CA Dollar

First thing I want to say here is that I like Casinos that have more than Just a First deposit bonus for first time Players who sign up.Here they offer 50% up to $50 match for first deposit plus $20.00 if you use Neteller and Second Deposit is 25% and third 20% and I wish more Microgaming Casinos would do similar offers, I have noticed that the odd one is. When you load up the software it has a great Atec type Flash into and it takes you to the homepage when you log in and shows up the Casino Rewards Icon too with how many points you have available to convert to money.

This casino has only recently become part of the Casino Rewards Program and to me this is a plus.While all casinos in the rewards program have their own Deposit promotions Casino Rewards with the Casinos in the group offers weekly promotions via email and on the website.When you sign up to a Casino in the Group and/or get any bonus`s you will recieve an email to tell you and you just log in and convert the points to money and transfer the money to which every Casino or Casinos that you belong to within the program.Emailing Aztec Riches now will be redirected straight to Casino Rewards and they handle all enquiries.The Rewards program have 25% back on losses at certain times with midweek game promotions where sometimes you have to make a small deposit and sometimes not as like now they have a special on Tuesday to play 100 spins on Twister and Avalon and they will deposit $10.00 into your rewards program.

I have already had a cash back insurance payout last week of 25% of losses which was not a lot but still an incentive to play at the Casinos in the group and Aztec Riches for me does play pretty well and if I get too far

down I seem to get back up again in funds after a while.Also another plus is that the casino has quite a few of the 1 cent games in there in the Slots, which is good news.

I would recommend this casino and the Rewards

program that they are now part of.Casino Rewards has come a long way in the last 2 months with the great and very fair promotions they offer and their fast and friendly support.A big Plus from aussiekeith.