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Be the dealer has had controvery online for a long time. Although I love the concept of their software and idea, they seem to be slow in paying or giving excuses as to why NOT to pay. In this casino, you have the choice of actually being the dealer! You can win your hand if you're the dealer and the dealer wins. You can also be the slot machine, too. When the slot machine wins, you win. It's very interesting, but I've heard some stories about the people who run this gig and they're not pretty. I'm not sure I'd risk too much in here. Maybe start off with $20, cash out at $50 or so and see if they pay. The problem is, they may NOT pay when you hit it big. I'm not sure I trust them. They give a 100% bonus of up to $200 but I don't think I'd deposit anywhere near $200 for the first time unless you already KNOW you're going to lose and you don't mind getting paid. I've won here before in the past but have only cashed out small amounts so they paid ok. I'd thoroughly check them out, read the articles on Casinomeister or the EZboards and see what kind of negativity there is. Heed caution to this one. I'm not sure I'd recommend them.